Zedra Reaches Agreement To Acquire Lj Fiduciary

Ms. Bodell`s career spans 25 years in the fiduciary services industry. She promised that they would receive a “warm welcome.” The firm currently advises more than $15 billion in assets in Europe, Asia and the Americas. She said this would mean that the total number of employees would be increased to more than 100. Alvarium is an independent global investment company that offers tailor-made solutions for families, foundations and institutions. In November 2018, Corsair Capital, a leading private equity firm, made a significant investment in ZEDRA. ZEDRA`s management team, which owns a significant share of the company, was convinced that this additional investment would allow ZEDRA to benefit from its legacy know-how and long-term relationships and do more to anticipate and meet all of our customers` needs. Bart Deconinck, Group Executive Chairman, said: “Today marks the beginning of the next phase of Zedra`s ambitious growth plans. Ms Bodell, who was recently promoted to executive director of Zedra, said around 30 employees who worked for LJ Fiduciary in Parliament Square, Ramsey, will join her colleagues. ZEDRA recently announced the acquisition of Talenture, an independent business services provider specializing in providing consulting solutions and services to international companies in Lugano, Switzerland.

Robert Burton, Head of LJ Fiduciary: “By working with Zedra, we believe our customers will benefit from enhanced global reach and a very positive cultural fit in a combined company that will continue to focus on providing high quality services to meet customer needs. LJ Fiduciary`s teams will ensure a smooth transition to the merged company without disrupting our customers or their business. Ivo Hemelraad, Group Director of Zedra, commented: “This acquisition will give us an important opportunity to accelerate our growth by diversifying into different customer segments in Switzerland and the Isle of Man. Zedra also announced a strategic partnership with private equity group Corsair Capital, meaning Corsair holds a majority stake in Zedra. LJ Fiduciary`s service offering for Switzerland and the Isle of Man includes global retail, fund and corporate management services that will strengthen ZEDRA`s asset strategy. This concept embraces the dynamic way ZEDRA supports families and high net worth individuals in their investment needs by recognizing that modern wealth is multifaceted and that ZEDRA is a partner that can provide the full range of tailor-made, optimized and effective solutions. These are busy times for financial services company Zedra as the company prepares to increase the number of employees on the island to more than 100, said new chief executive Joanna Bodell. Building on a traditional investment banking model, Alvarium acts as a trusted advisor in public and private markets to identify talented managers and direct investment opportunities in three departments: (1) investment advisory; (2) co-investments; and (3) Merchant Banking Advisory.

As Managing Director of ZEDRA, she specializes in trust and corporate structuring as well as client relationship management and business development management. GENEVA, Nov. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ZEDRA Group, the growing global specialist in fiduciary, corporate and fund services, today announced the acquisition of LJ Fiduciary from investment firm Alvarium. .