What Is The Meaning Of Universal Agreement

Nevertheless, Andrew`s definition of Mintzberg`s strategy anticipates the importance of the strategy that includes the plan, model and perspective. In addition, there is a consensus within both authorities that the strategy still defines the platform of competition within the company. However, this is not the generally accepted importance of the strategy, as different researchers and scientists in the field of management and related disciplines have different views on the importance of the strategy. This is why the paper attempts to explore different schools of thought that try to give their views on the importance of the strategy in order to gain a broader understanding of the different points of view of the strategy. Nevertheless, Lynch (2006) said, it is really a Herculean task to develop a generally acceptable definition of strategy. However, several scientists have tried to develop a different definition of the strategy, which varies from person to person. Mintzberg and Quinn (2003), for example, represent the choice of another set of activities that are tracked by a unique and valuable position in the environment. Despite the different meanings that exist, the elements of the strategy remain common to most of these meanings, which are postulated by different authors, the school of thoughts and scholars. It is therefore essential that entities take into account certain concepts such as the mission and vision of the organization and the desired business strategy, in order to achieve a strategy that meets the needs of the Organization. Steiner was a professor of management and was considered an authority in the field of strategic management.

He agrees that there is no agreed importance of the strategy in the economic field. Nevertheless, Steiner recognizes the different meanings of strategy in the business world. In his strategic research, he adopts a strategy to have a large number of meanings. These meanings include how we achieve the goals we aim for. After Jenkins and Ambrosini (2002), Liddell, who is an authority in the management of military activities of Greek domination to provide the definition of the word strategy. It gives the meaning of the strategy to be the practical adaptation of the means available to a general to achieve the desired objectives. Nevertheless, this has some links to the importance of the strategy postulated by other scholars, such as Liddell, who felt that strategy is the means of achieving the desired objectives. In addition, Mintzberg continues to offer another meaning of the strategy to be the perspective that encompasses direction and vision. That is why, in the face of these strategic principles under review, Clegg and Hardy (1999) propose a strategy as general priorities adopted by an organization recognizing its mission-oriented operating environment.

Therefore, it is easy to confirm, from different definitions given by Steiner, that the strategy certainly means different people and different authorities, but also differences within a public authority or a person. For example, Steiner, as an individual, could not find overall importance to the strategy, but gave different views on the importance of the strategy.