RFinder Phone and App

Now as an owner of a RFinder M1, I wanted to give back to the community and start a few pages that discuss and tell other owners how to do things on there phones that I found out by trial and error.

Factory Reset RFinder M1 / Runbo M1


  1. Push the Home button (center button at bottom of the screen.) and power button and the same time.
  2. Let go of them when you see the black and orange phone telling you to close your battery door and stuff.
  3. A menu in all Chinese will appear. Use the volume / channel knob on the top of you phone to scroll to “…MMC”  (Line 7 on this example picture)

Image result for reset chinese android

4. Push the power button to execute.

Wait a few minutes and it will reboot and you will see the RFinder logo. It will take a few to 10 minutes to boot the first time, especially after an upgrade as it goes through the “optimizing android apps” process.

Comments? Let me know if you have and cool tricks or how to articles. I would love to like to any accurate content out there.


73, K7BAT