FT8 on the Icom 7300

I have started some testing on FT8 with my very cheap dipole in the back yard. Since moving to Ridgefield this last summer, I have been struggling to get a usable antenna or antennas up for permanent use. Having property and room for 3 teenage boys was just not affordable, so we settled from more house than yard.

This is tough, because if I had my choice, I would have 5 acres, 4 or 5 different antenna setups, and my own shop / shack away from the house. I am working to that goal, but I cant give up being on the air for 10 years while I save the money to get there.

Talking with a fellow hammer, I think I can put my Hustler vertical up and use some hog wire under the grass for the radials. I know this is not the best solution, but having a 20 x 30 back yard just doesn’t give me a lot of options.

So, until the rain stops, its a Chinese made dipole on a 22 foot Chinese made fiberglass pole strung across from one fence to the other to get the most reach and height I can.

Seems to work ok, I am getting DX to Japan, Alaska, Brazil, and the Midwest of the USA. I will keep tuning the setup to see where the limit is with my setup until I get the vertical installed. I have also tried the Chameleon f-loop 2.0, and it works with the metal loop. I just don’t like having it near my head when I am transmitting. They say its safe, but they don’t have to live with the scars if it decides to bite me.