Site Plan Agreement Richmond Hill

Site map control protects property rights and values. It also protects the environmental and heritage characteristics of a place and its surroundings. The procedure for approving the site plan ensures that the planned structures and the overall development of the land contribute positively to the development of the municipality. APPLICATION FORM FOR AMENDMENT TO THE SITUATION PLAN AND THE SITE PLAN Application form for the approval of section 41 of of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990 and of the town`s Site Plan Control By-Law (Statute No. 137-09 as amended). PREREQUISITE FOR COMPLETION BEFORE FILING All applicants must meet with Town staff prior to formal filing siteplan . To make an appointment, please contact the Planning and Regulatory Services division in ATTACHED DOCUMENTS: 1. General information 2. Plan Requirements and Supporting documentation 3.

Plan and Plan Modification Application Form 4 Be and processing fees 5 TRCA requirements CONSULT THE APPLICATION GUIDE FOR THE SITE PLAN AND THE MODIFICATION OF THE CITY PLAN, AVAILABLE AT THE CITY OFFICES FOR PLANNING AND REGULATION SERVICES OR ONLINE at WWW.RICHMONDHILL.CA. . Richmond Hill`s By-Law No. 137-09, as amended, defines the entire City of Richmond Hill as the site plan control area. The Site By-Law Plan requires that certain development proposals be approved through the Site Plan Application Procedure or the Amendment of the City Plan. Application procedure for the location plan and modification of the site plan: request for replacement of the shieldPDF INTERACTIVE (PDF) Houses of one or two houses are generally excluded from the procedure for approval of the site plan, except for land located in the following areas: Obtaining and access to construction documents Authorization documents and survey certificates can be consulted at the information center of the town hall and can be consulted be consulted by anyone. Building drawings are also available to the registered owner of the property for consultation. If it is not the owner of the property, the drawings can be consulted with a letter of authorization signed by the owner.

Billboard / High Rise Sign ApplicationPDF INTERACTIVE (PDF) The City of Richmond Hill must approve any proposed development on land subject to site plan control. Evolution implies: for each request to view the records, an administrative fee of $10.00 and a fee of $5.00 for each requested copy is charged. (Fees are subject to change.) These documents are made available to Adobe Acrobat in execrable PDF format. Requests for a site plan may be appealed to the Local State Appeals Court (LPAT). Richmond Hill must approve all site plans for each type of development in those specific areas….