Pub Lease Agreements

All of our contracts (with the exception of the fixed-term contract or Demoband lease) are subject to the Landlords and Tenants Act (1954), which gives you the automatic right to renew the contract at the end of each period, provided that you have fulfilled your part of the agreement and followed the legal renewal procedures and notifications. While real estate agents have their views on discounts and reductions in tenants and leases, licensees may also be aware of this. Phil Davison, the former BII licensee of the year, left his award-winning pub after 16 years, when his pubco tried to raise the rent at Sun in the Wood, Ashmore Green, Berkshire. He left the Fox and Hounds in Peasemore, Berkshire. “It is more likely that a person could either retract their building or sell something and enter into a lease or lease.” With a PP contract, there is no rent assessment, no confusing loopholes and no risks associated with leases and property. You`ll also benefit from free trade prices for cash and carry and award-winning business support. Our future-oriented pub rental contracts are tied to good honest business values. It`s always been our way. As the first brewery in the country to have an accredited code of conduct for our tenants, we have helped lay the foundation for equity in the sector. Our standard agreement is ideal for those who do not want to make the type of investment necessary for the complete repair and insurance of leases, but who want flexibility over the duration of their commitment. Perfect for experienced operators who want to have time to build the value of their business and get the return on their investment, with the added benefit of being able to sell their lease if they choose to.

If so, the lease covers licensing and licensing issues of 1872. It is an important part of working with Star that all potential licensees receive a copy of our advertising leasing contracts, as described below. Download our model pub-leasing contracts. We call our rental model Partnership Plus (PP) and, as part of it, we propose different types of agreements to adapt the different needs and circumstances of our potential entrepreneurs. Whatever your wishes, these agreements are designed to reward you for running a successful pub. A lease is a long-term contract for a period of 20 to 25 years. The pub is usually related to beer and other products and has responsibility for the building with a fully repairing rent and insurance. Business Support is offered, but generally not as substantially as in the case of a rental agreement. While those who lease can have a level of security with the longer contract, there is always a big trap with reassignments.