Amigo Loans Sign Agreement

This section only applies to you if you have applied to us through a broker or credit intermediary (“broker”). Your broker may have done some work to process your application before we paid you the loan, and if you agreed to pay your broker, it will be listed as the fee you have already paid to the broker. We can also pay your broker a commission (for the introduction into us) up to 20% of the amount you borrowed. By signing this agreement, you give us the power to pay that amount to your broker. We will not add this commission to your account. These terms and conditions are part of the agreement between you (the borrower named in the fixed loan agreement) and us (Amigo loan and also to anyone to whom we will transfer). This agreement is guaranteed by the guarantee and compensation of its guarantor. The amount of the loan will be transferred to your guarantor`s bank account to avoid fraud. After receiving the loan amount, the surety is required to pay the loan directly or to your benefit, in accordance with the instructions you give.

Some of the words in this agreement are defined, and you can find the definitions in the Definitions section. Becoming a guarantor means giving friends, family and loved ones the necessary hand. #secondchances #iamamigo subprime lender stopped offering credit to its customers after the Covid outbreak, with the exception of key workers. You have the right to pay some or all of the debt you owe us at any time. You have to tell us that you want to do it. If you wish to repay your debts, you must tell us when you intend to do so. You can join us at Amigo Loans, 118-128 Commercial Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 5LT. If you wish to repay the loan in full, we will send you a statement stating what you owe. If you pay a partial payment, we first use it to pay interest late or late, then we apply the payment to reduce the duration of the contract.

You can ask us to make a statement. My judgment: Amigo Loans is a customer service oriented company, it offers leading account services not only in the secured credit room, but also in the personal credit area in general.