A Purchase Agreement Provision That Covers The Cost Of Repair

The Buyer will compensate the Seller for any claim, loss, damage, debts, comparisons, fees, legal fees, expenses and debts of any kind (called “cumulative claims”) resulting from a violation of the seller`s staff or contractors caused by the installation or improper use of a product covered by the buyer, or material processed by a covered product. The seller has the right to participate or defend such claims with the assistance of a lawyer of his choice. The seller will do everything in his power to immediately inform the buyer of such a request. No settlement of a claim is binding on the seller without prior written agreement. The seller provides free spare parts for defective or damaged parts due to hardware and processing errors for covered products. The seller does not supply consumables (for example. B microphones, bowls, ping-pong plates, lamps, patch plates, water and air filters) or reagents. The buyer can buy consumables and reagents from the seller. Spare parts can be redone, recycled or upgraded at the seller`s discretion. All parts that have been removed and replaced are transferred to the seller`s property. Unless the seller has expressly stated in writing something else, the initial duration of the service contract is one year valid on the date indicated by the Seller in his offer or indicated to the buyer. Any party may resign with immediate effect if the other party commits a substantial violation of the conditions set out in it and does not result in that violation within thirty (30) days of receipt of the written notification. If the seller resigns due to a substantial breach of the buyer, the seller is not required to reimburse a portion of the fees paid for the services.

The buyer can terminate the contract by notifying the seller thirty (30) days before the written notification if the buyer negotiates with the covered product to purchase another product from the seller. In this case, the seller may apply a credit for the purchase of services for the new product, equal to the amount paid in proportion to the fees for the services, based on the residual duration of the initial hedging plan. The seller can terminate this contract if the buyer transfers the covered product elsewhere. Sections 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 will survive any termination or expiry date. The seller ensures that he provides the services at least in accordance with the standards generally accepted in the instrument repair industry.